Haunted Halloween Decorations

HALLOWEEN Haunted House Decoration Prop Foam HANGING MUMMY

Haunted Halloween Decorations

Posted by Brassel Adrienne on Thursday, 10 October, 2019 16:58:29

Dry ice + spooky decor = a match made in Halloween heaven — but, you must use this subzero substance safely. Get all our tips for spooking up your haunted house without getting burned. Learn how to safely use dry ice.

This charred corpse is probably the most grotesque Halloween decoration that I have ever seen and it's absolutely perfect for a haunted house. You'll need a standard skeleton decoration to make this, along with foam insulation, paint and a few other craft supplies.

Wall, window, and hanging Halloween decorations are light enough to hang with tape or tacks, yet they easily fill a party space with color, a fascinating mix of textures, and visual weight. From kid-friendly pumpkin lanterns and fan garlands to six-foot long banners and creepy clown swirls, you'll find them all here.

Shop Spirit Halloween for the scariest outdoor Halloween decor around, and you'll have all of your neighbors screaming whenever they walk by your house! You can create a haunted graveyard of your nightmares with any of our Halloween tombstones, or have skeletons and zombies breaking out of their graves.

What would Halloween be without haunted houses and scary scenes? Bring your own haunted home to life when you shop Halloween props at Spirit! You can create a graveyard of your own, with fake gravestones covering your yard and gargoyles guarding the forgotten souls—you could even add some rodents and insects to truly make it scream-worthy!

Halloween Scary Party Decoration Set, 3 Bloody Clings, 1 Bloody Weapons Garland Props Banner, 1 Bloody Tablecover for Halloween Haunted House Decor Footprints Handprint Window Stickers Decals Supplies